About Research Park


Location : Gyeongseo-dong comprehensive environmental research complex in Seo-gu, Incheon

Scale : B1 / F4

Area : Site 180,000㎡, Building 44,258㎡

Project cost and duration : KRW 146 billion (100% of national cost), 5 years (completion of '13 ~ '17 .5)

Main facilities : Research support center, pilot test center, test bed, prototype production support center, etc.

Location Conditions

5 minutes to Geomam Station (Airport Railway / Incheon Line 2 / KTX), 30 minutes to Seoul Station, 25 minutes to Incheon Airport and 15 minutes to Gimpo Airport

Geomam Station - Comprehensive Environmental Research Complex Shuttle Bus 30-minute driveway : Second Outer Ring Road (Gimpo-Cheongra-Songdo / Cheongna-Songdo 20 minutes)

Main road : Incheon International Airport Expressway, Gyeongin Ala

Logistics : Incheon Terminal Logistics Park 7 minutes, Gimpo Terminal Logistics Complex 25 minutes

Organization and arrangement of facilities

Research support facilities (32,184㎡ / 4 floors above ground, 1 basement level)
(25 rooms), simultaneous interpretation rooms (4 rooms), conference rooms (20 rooms), research facilities (80 rooms), laboratories (57 rooms), environmental venture centers room), It consists of seminar rooms (2 rooms), cafeteria (202 seats), exhibition and public relations room (737㎡), guest house (4th floor, single room, twin room and suite room) and multipurpose gymnasium

Demonstration experiment facility (36,202㎡ / ground floor, experimental site)
Pilot test equipments and test beds that can carry out free-form empirical studies in all environmental fields such as water and atmosphere

Prototype production support facility (1,061㎡ / ground 1F) Power plant (2,014㎡ / ground 1F, 1F)
Provision of space and equipments that can make products or equipments that are likely to commercialize as prototypes Installation of wastewater treatment facility (200㎥ / day), sewage storage tank (1,000㎥), waste water storage tank (500㎥)

Pilot test (6,652㎡ / 2,012 pyeong)
8 Experimental Fields: Constant, Sewage, Wastewater, Atmospheric, Water Reuse, Waste, Living Environment, Nonpoint Pollution

Test bed (29,550㎡ / 8,938 pyeong)
6 Experimental Fields: Constant, Sewage, Atmospheric, Water Reuse, Living Environment, Non-Point Pollution
* Installation of raw water supply pipe, raw water supply reservoir