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Environmental industry research park

Communication on environmental technologies
development aid

  • About Research Park

  • A general outline
    Location : Research Complex, Gyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City City (premises planned expansion).
    Size : the fourth floor, and first basement level.
    Area : about 180,000 square meters, building 44,258 ㎡ site.
    Project cost and duration : 1,464 billion won (100 % on government scholarship), (On completion 13 to 17.5 ’ ’) five years.
    Key facilities : Wondong Wondong my study site, a testbed, prototype production and pilot teseuteudong, etc.

  • Recently, global warming, resource depletion, and environmental safety issues have been urgently needed to be resolved every year.

    In addition to developing environment technology that can solve and prevent these problems and to foster environment industry,
    To encourage people's eco-friendly life and contribute to environmental conservation, economic development, and national health and safety.

    It is a semi-governmental organization affiliated to the Ministry of Environment.
    Woori Won has tailored support for small and medium-sized environmental companies to grow in their respective stages of growth so that they can enter the overseas market actively with creative technology. In addition, we will foster environment experts to solve the manpower shortage of small and medium-sized enterprises
    But also offers a variety of job opportunities for job seekers to make their jobs easier.
    In particular, we will promote research and projects for the health and safety of the people,

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